Goodyear Technology

Goodyear Footwear features the latest and newest in "Waterproof, Insulated, Oil- and Slip- Resistant, Protective Toe, and Electrical Hazard" technology available for the working person today. All of these features are sure to provide you with the utmost protection and quality inspired by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Goodyear Footwear features the significance of Goodyear's commitment to quality, reliability and durability:


Fixing the Fall Factor
Oil on the work site is hazardous and destructive to boot outsoles - Goodyear GET TRAX Oil Resistant rubber outsoles hold up to the harsh conditions and retain their durability and properties.


Fixing the Fall Factor
Falls are among the most common workplace injuries, costing millions in lost-work days. That's why Goodyear Safety and Industrial footwear is optimal for slip resistance. Slip resistance is carefully tested using ASTM F 489 methods on both wet and dry surfaces. This ensures Goodyear footwear delivers sure footing in most work environments. Add in rubber sole material that meets Goodyear footwear's exacting specs, including testing the sole for oil resistance to ensure it doesn't swell on chemical contact - and workers stand strong on the job.


Toe-tal Safety
Even on the most safety-conscious work sites, accidents happen — dropped equipment, protruding rebar, even a misstep can lead to serious toe and foot injuries. That's why Goodyear Safety and Industrial footwear carrying the safety toe designation gets the job done. By rigorously adhering to ASTM F2413-11 standards for compression and impact (I 75/C 75), Goodyear footwear helps to reduce the risk of injuries and keeps the workplace safe.


Block the Shock
Electricity powers most workplaces and brings with it inherent risk. Good thing there's Goodyear Safety and Industrial footwear that's designed to help protect against incidental electrical contact. Our protective toe boots are tested to ASTM F2413-11 electrical hazard (EH) standards. This footwear is designed to help  prevent serious injury that may come from incidental contact. It is not designed to protect against high-voltage contact injury.


Work Wet? No Way.
Working with wet feet is no one's idea of a good day. That's where Goodyear Safety and Industrial footwear's water resistant membrane shines. Extending to within about an inch of the top of boots or shoes, it provides a secure moisture barrier. Combined with the lined, gusseted tongue — that keeps out moisture plus stones and small debris — and you have work footwear that puts your dryness and comfort first.


Warmth without Bulk
Keeping feet warm on the job is a priority. That's why Goodyear Safety and Industrial footwear is fully lined with Thinsulate™. Made of a mixture of dense, light polymer fibers, Thinsulate™ reduces heat loss and lets moisture escape. The result? The feet of active workers in moderately cold weather stay GET TRAX WARM comfortable, even when it's damp.